Chocolate Ice-Cream, you've had it.

Strawberry Ice-Cream, you've had it.

Durian Ice-cream, you've had it.

How about Salted Egg? Have you tried it before?

Try it out!

Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream!

Delivered right to your doorstep!

Thought of buying ice cream home from the grocer?

Having to think about the need for speed

to reach home before the ice-cream melts?

We deliver to your doorstep

  • No worries about melted ice cream.

  • Avoid Unnecessary ​Queues

  • Avoid Traffic Jams on the road, sit back, relax and enjoy the Ice-cream​ at home.

We Deliver Ice-cream to your doorstep



2 pints of ice-cream with RM50. (original price: RM56)

3 pints of ice cream with RM70. (original price: RM 81)

Promotion Valid until 31st March only!

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