Chocolate ice cream, you tried...

Strawberry ice cream, you tried too...

Durian ice cream, you tried already...


Have you ever tried

Salted Egg Ice Cream?

Merry Me

an ice cream parlour with the moto

Ice Cream & Beyond

Started designing

Malaysian influenced flavoured ice cream

since 2016, in PENANG.


Salted Egg 

Cookies & Cream

Sold 5000 scoops per month,

only in PENANG

Strictly 100% natural ingredients used.

TripAdvisor NO.1 

Reviews from all over the world! 

Merry Me is going to KL.
If you are interested, please let us know.
We will provide you an E-voucher when we arrived in KL.
Feel free to leave us a comment! Thank you!

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