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We are providing a SHARE & EARN campaign now!


Merry Me is now providing a reseller program,

which could let you to earn some extra income.


And also, it could let your friends and family

to enjoy a special promo for Malaysia Premium ice cream!

Let's Share the Love and Joy to them!

Special promotion of only RM20 for each pint (450ml) from now onwards until 31th October 2020! 


1 pints of ice cream with only RM20.

Standard price is (RM27.90 per pint)

*1 pint = 450ml*

How to EARN and WIN?

Start from 15% of total sales commission payout!

You will get a 15% commission of every ice cream sold!

Maximum up to 25%!

How to join this?
1. You will need to register by clicking the button "Register Now!" below.
2. After you register, we will create a link for you, you may share the link for people to order.

3. Any purchase from your link is consider your sales..
4. Valid until 31st October 2020 only.

Only Valid for 30 participants only!

For more information please call

016-577 2428

Register now to get your EXTRA INCOME.


Company Details:


No. 6 (GF), Medan Sunway Wellesley 2, Pusat Perniagaan Sunway Wellesley, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. 

Call: +6016 - 577 2428

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